From Robert and I, our large and happy family, and on behalf of the many other street children we hope soon to provide a loving home to, thank-you from the bottom of our hearts for your concern and involvement.

Carli and Robert


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Life at Abetavu

Everyday fun in our compound

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Abetavu Fundraiser Challenge for a Brighter Future

For the month of July we are running our Abetavu Fundraiser Challenge for a Brighter
Future. We need 188 people to each donate $160.00 before the end of the month.
Power and internet connection permitting I will be posting daily a short clip of the work
that we do on my Facebook user name: Carli Travers, so that you can have a better idea
of our day to day life and how our work looks like on the ground. Please share this with
your friends and in the midst of the summer holiday chaos make a one time donation by 
going here.

It will be most appreciated. We can only continue the work that we do with your help.

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Meet our Christmas Angel

In December we were given a new child, our daughter Justine. She was born fine, but
twomonths before she was given into our care she developed bacterial Meningitis which
has left her blind, deaf, and partially paralyzed at the age of 3 and a half years. Justine
cannot sit up on her own or stand. We received gen-erous support during the Christmas
holiday that allowed us to have a special chair and standing frame made for her. We have
a specialist that visits her regularly and a physiotherapist that has taught us how to
support her on a daily basis. Justine requires a lot of special care and medical support. We
are not sure whether she will ever regain sight, hearing, or be able to sit or stand on her
own, but we are so thankful to be able to provide Justine with a loving family and are
praying that one day we will see a miracle.


















Community Outreach

We try our best to support the people in our village with a variety of different activities.
Our Forever Hope Teen Girls Group is 50 girls strong. We support each girl with school
fees so that they are not forced to drop out of school due to lack of funds or into early
marriage. We teach teenage girls and women skills of basket making and mat and
making jewelry. We have a teen girls Bible Study. We have a teen girls volleyball club.
We have a co-ed Cultural Music and Dance Group. Our Hidden Talent Football Team
provides children and idle teenage men with leadership skills and something positive to
be involved in. We do outreach deep in the village, where no one offers any type of
support and help people that have been confined to their homes due to sickness,
disability or complicated family issues. We work together with the local Chief and Council,
Sub-county Police and Government Hospital, pro-viding counselling, mediation and
representation for minors, widows, and single mothers in cases regarding abuse, extreme
neglect and rape.


Children's Church

With the help of three volunteers from Kampala BibleCollege, we now hold Children's
Church on our land every Sunday from 11:00am -12:30pm. Recently we had about 150
children attend.


We Have Pigs!

Thanks to the generosity of friends of the Abetavu Family,we were able to buy 10 piglets.
This is such a great opportunity to teach ourkids animal husbandry and helps us work
towards our goal ofsustainability/income generating projects here in Uganda.